Jodi West – Inside Mother

Mother speaks quietly on the phone with her friend in confidence. “And nobody ever found out” She asks, as she slips on her dress for the evenings secret rendezvous.
Mother had put an ad on an internet “hookup” site, just to see what would happen. When a young man with a piece of manhood much larger then her husbands replied in interest, she was flattered. She never had envisioned it going this far, but there she was, dressing for the hookup.
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Alura Jenson – You should touch yourself

Are you as surprised as I am that I got stuck in this ridiculously small office? It’s all your mothers fault. She is so jealous of my tits your father bought me that she insisted I have to work on the other side of the building. I knew when I married your dad and started working for him that I would have to also deal with his partner, your mother.
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Lucy Marie – Mom fucks her son after reading his diary

Mom and son are reunited after a 2 week school trip, both have been longing for each other, and quickly things get out of hand…
I am so pleased with your report card results! and you make me so proud, I have missed you so much the last two weeks while you have been on that trip, its been so long since we were together, you know in that way..have you missed your mother? I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I need to touch you darling… hmmmm so hard already.
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Kylie Ireland – Fuck your stepmom while she does yoga

After a hard day at school, you come home to find your stepmom face down, ass up doing her yoga.
After watching her silently for a while, staring at her ass gyrating up & down, she eventually notices you. At first she teases you about the bulge in your shorts, but before you know it she is pulling her yoga pants down & inviting you to slam your hard cock into her sweaty wet cunt.
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Xev Bellringer – Jerking Off With Mommy

Oh my goodness, Darla, you looked through your son’s phone? Well I guess it was worth the breech of privacy if you found out he was drinking…I suppose I should check out my son’s phone too. Alright, talk to you later.
I’m going to check his mobile picture gallery…oh my. What’s this?? He’s…already having sex? I shouldn’t be looking at this…but I could just check one more time. Wow, my dear boy is a man now….so attractive…I never knew…
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Lucy Marie – Mommy needs to chat to you about your sister

Darling I need to talk to you.. I am worried about how you have been behaving with your sister, she said you have been perving at her in the shower and pulling the covers off her in the middle of the night.
I know your sister is very sexy, and quite well developed ( she got that from her mother ) but this really cant go on, do you hear me. I have to say darling this is all making me a little jealous, I know I said to you it cant go on anymore, but I thought you liked my big titties,, Mommy has missed you, I miss the special time we used to spend together.
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Taboo Mom Natasha – Breaking The Barrier

After mom and son revealed their secret desires to each other, the intensity has gone through the roof at home. Finally mom comes to her son in bed and they decide that they want to fuck now and truly be together. Can I touch you? mom asks.. as his growing erection starts to show.. yes mom, it feels so good. mmmmm… they cannot hide the intense arousal and also the nervous excitement. mom finally gets on top as her son lays back moaning in pleasure as she fucks his amazing hard cock. they both have shuddering orgasms as the relief sets in… they decide to be lovers forever. Get your fix for real mom/son interaction featuring natasha AND her “son” handjob blowjob fucking dirty talk pov taboo action!
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Larkin Love – Mom Needs A Fuck

Son, where’s your father? He was supposed to be home by now. What do you mean, he’s staying late at the office?! Oh NO! This just won’t do. I need him here RIGHT NOW!
You don’t understand, honey. Your father and I have been trying for another pregnancy recently, and I’ve been taking hormones to increase my fertility. They’re really powerful! They have some side effects that I can’t control. You see, they alter my body chemistry to make me hornier than I ever imagined. Your father and I were supposed to have our “alone time” tonight, so I went ahead and took my dose, expecting him to show up any minute now. He must have forgotten. What am I going to do?!
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