Kymberly Jane – A Lustful Mother

Kymberly’s highschool son Is such a slob, She is constantly cleaning his room while he is at school, picking up his dirty laundry, doing his dishes, throwing out these girls he brings home, its quite the perfect living situation for him, not so much for his mother, and on this faithful day nothing is different, KymberlyJane picking up after her son, constantly cleaning his room, until she find something she shouldnt sitting in a pile of socks on the nightstand, a used condom, a filthy Full of cum used condom most likely from the slutty cheerleader he was “helping with Biology class” last night…. at first KymberlyJane is horrified, but quickly she becomes aroused at the thought of her very handsome and popular son nailing a slutty cheerleader in his mothers house, KymberlyJane Starts to Fantasize about her Sons Bulging pants, she assumes his cock must be Quite impressive, her thoughts lead her hands down to her panties, still holding the condom, kymberlyjane starts to touch herself at the thought of her Sons massive erection plowing into some tight pussy slut, she takes off her robe and collapses onto the bed, if her son came in she would be Busted, how dirty this feels fucking herself with her sons used condom, but KymberlyJane cant stop, she rubs her clip hard as she erupts in orgasm when she imagines her self in place of that slutty cheerleader.
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Ashley Alban – Mom’s Pussy

You’re depressed because your girlfriend broke up with you and you refuse to get out of bed. Your step-mom comes in to check on you to see how you’re doing. She tells you that you shouldn’t worry about your ex. Girls just don’t know what they want at that age. You say that you’re never going to get laid now, and that’s why you’re so upset. Your mom sighs and says she wishes she could make you feel better. She thinks for a moment and then comments on how you’ve grown and look much more like a man now. Perhaps she could help give you inspiration to jack off. It won’t be the same as sex, but it’ll be better than nothing. She begins to strip and both of you are clearly turned on by this. She tells you that you need a real woman to show you attention. Mom begins to rub her pussy as she straddles you while you stroke your dick. You two cum together and it feels amazing! She looks embarrassed though, and tells you to promise to keep this a secret.
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Astrodomina – Mom’s Consolation Prize

It’s been a long time since you sucked my boobs, but since your dad forgot our anniversary, you can be his stand-in. ———— You can’t sle.ep so you decide to go check on your mom. You walk into your mom’s bedroom and find her reading a book. Dad isn’t home yet. Mom seems a little sad because it’s your parents’ anniversary and she doesn’t get to celebrate. Your dad didn’t even bother to call. So you decide it’s your duty to help mom feel better. She confesses how she wanted to do some fun stuff in bed for the anniversary. You offer to help out since you’re now in bed with her. Your mom recalls the time when you used to suck on her boobs and it would comfort both of you. To your surprise, she offers you to suck on them again. Anything to make mom happy. And she can tell that it makes you happy too. In your pants. She asks you if you know what to do with a boner like that. So mom takes it upon herself to help you out .
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Bring Your Son to Work Day Moms a Penis Doctor

Today, you get to skip school and spend all day with your mother! Now, you have to be a good boy, just sit quietly in mommy’s office, and see how much stuff you can absorb all about mommy’s job. Yes, this is just what your mom does all day: I touch many, many men’s penises! Now, if you have any questions, you go right ahead and ask them. I’ll explain anything you see or want to know about… even when it comes to attending to your penis…
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Cory Chase – Cheating Mom’s Workout Interruption

Calm down baby. He doesn’t know what’s going on… Dad just thinks I’m working out, which technically I am… Just keep making Mommy feel good. Your Father is an idiot… Trust me, if he calls back to ask any more stupid questions, just keep pounding me and don’t worry about a thing…
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Alyssa Reece – Son Finds Mommy’s Webcam

Hi honey. I think you know why I wanted to talk to you. Oh come on, you really have no idea what this could be about? I know you were watching me just now. Oh sweetie, give it up! You found I know you’ve been in my chat room. You’ve been watching mommy’s webcam. It’s ok honey, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Mommy has this part time job and it’s really no big deal. Everyone has sex and it’s a natural part of life. I know you must have been shocked to see your mother doing these things but the truth is that everyobody get horny. I know that boys your age get REALLY horny. It’s ok, you can talk to me. If you’re not going to talk to your mother, then who are you going to talk to? See, that wasn’t so hard. What about if mommy put on a private show for you right here in my room? It’s not weird, I’m your mother and I care about you. Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this why you kept coming back to mommy’s chat room? Sex is really no big deal. Does mommy turn you on baby? Why don’t you show mommy what you have under those pants? Oh wow,it’s a lot bigger than I remember. Do you want mommy to teach you how to use it? Oh I know honey, I know this is your first time. That’s ok, we’ll go nice and slow baby…
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Cory Chase – Mother’s Discovery

Don’t look so surprised son… You really thought your Mother wouldn’t find out you were fucking your sister? And I see you brought your girlfriend along… Quite the party you’re having… Son, if you wanted to have an orgy at home it would’ve only been polite to invite your Mom too…
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Faye – Virgin Apprentice

Faye loves to get to know all the new recruits at her husband’s garage… She’s got you all alone to show you the company uniform, but soon starts to enquire about your personal life! When she discovers you are an eighteen-year-old virgin, she can’t help herself from wanting to break you in! Faye loves the fact your are still a virgin and wants to see how much fun she can have with your fresh cock! It doesn’t take this horny slut long to persuade a hard-on out of you, especially when she begins to flash her tiny natural breasts and bald pussy! How much of her teasing will you be able to handle before you blow your load?
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Larkin Love – Son Fucks Tipsy Mom and Gets Her Pregnant

I’m so sloshed after the company party, I can’t even get out of my own party dress. Luckily, my son is there to lend a helping hand. He’s such a sweet boy. We’ve always had a very close relationship. I’m so wasted, I don’t think anything of it when he removes my bra and panties, too. Hell, I’m his mother. It shouldn’t be shocking to see me naked, right. But something tells me he sees me as more than that. The smile on his face and bulge in his pants say it all. He wants me. At first I demure. Aren’t I too old? I can’t be so beautiful as to give you a hard-on with a single glance, can I? Really? His hands feel so good on me. I don’t care that he’s my son. I want to be touched. “I love you, Mom,” he says sweetly in my ear as he thrusts his hard cock into my wet pussy. I love you, too son. And tonight, I’m smashed enough to let you do whatever you want to me. You can even finish inside me. I probably won’t even remember in the morning.
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Violet Starr and Shay Fox – Sex Ed Lesson

Lesson One – Hand Job:
Shay starts talking with her openly about how she wants to teach them about “the real world”. She explains using lube, what a hand job is, and gets down to teaching Violet how to make a man cum.

Lesson Two – Blow Job:
Shay teaches her daughter, Violet, how to give a blow job- by herself, and with another woman.

Lesson Three – Pussy Eating & Fucking:
Shay wraps up her Sex Ed lesson by teaching her son how to eat pussy and both of them how to fuck. She demonstrates a few different positions on Lucas, then has Violet try them out. She also teaches Lucas to never cum in a girl.
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