Angie Noir – Voyeur Son Is Caught

The first time I really got a look at her was when I walked in on her while she was showering. I just could not stop myself and had entered her bathroom to sneak a peak. What I saw was heaven…her head back, hands sliding through her dark hair as she shampooed. Her big breasts were thrust out firmly, her skin glistening with the water and soap running down her body. I couldn’t turn away, and felt my cock rising inside my pants as Mom slid her hands down her body, and began to play with her pussy till she came. Then she saw me! It was very awkward and I apologized and left.
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Xev Bellringer – Addicted to My Sons Huge Cock

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you ever since we first…had sex. It’s that enormous cock, sweetie, and I need it again. Pause the game for a moment and listen to me. I know you can have any woman in the neighborhood, but your mother needs attention now.
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Veronica Avluv – My MILF encounter with mothers best friend

Veronica is your redheaded fantasy, but she is your mother’s best friend, so you have never acted on your desires with Veronica. Things change today, though. Your mother found some adult-themed material on your computer and she was concerned about it, so she asked Veronica for her help. It seems that your main interest is MILF porn, isn’t that right?
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Alexandra Snow – Mommies Lesson in Erections

I’ve been noticing that you’re going through some changes lately, dear. It looks like your hormones are really throwing you for a loop, aren’t they? I can see that you are worked up just talking to Mommie, pitching a tent in your shorts like that! Apparently I need to teach you how to control those urges with some manual stimulation. Now, drop your trousers and show Mommie how you’ve been developing. Oh my! You’re going to need some spit to lube that thing up or you’ll chafe in no time.
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Kendra James – Mom Gives You a Lesson in Sex

I know you’re awake, so don’t pretend to hide under your covers sleeping! You want to tell me what this is all about? I saw you peeping in on me and your father having sex. Was it an accident? No, I don’t think it was. This isn’t the first time is it? I’ve seen you at my door before, poking your head in and trying to stay out of sight. I’m not mad, maybe you’re just curious about sex. Or do you like watching mommy?
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Madisin Lee – My Big Booty Mom

Mom and son are watching tv and wrestling comes on tv and they both remember the bet they made earlier and start wrestling and things get hot and mom then suggest they get naked, but son says hey mom put on your flip flops she says okay and straight away he takes his mom down on the floor and is on top, grinding against her pussy, she locks her feet around him tightly, while pulling his head down, there faces are very close together and mom says try to escape son
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Angie Noir – Are My Son Now – Exchange Student Seduction

Angie is excited about her visitor today…a visitor that will stay for many months! Jay is a 21 year old exchange student and Peter’s (Angie’s son) close friend. Over the years they had talked about spending a semester at each other’s college and staying at their respective families houses. The culmination of all their careful planning was about to happen! Angie knew from Peter’s tales that Jay was a big womanizer and was fascinated with large breasts – Angie was wet thinking about the many possibilities to seduce Peter’s horny buddy! Continue to download »