Jaidyn Blue – Mommy teaches you about sex

You’ve been becoming such a big boy, so it’s time to sit down with mommy and have a little talk. I know you’ve been touching yourself and having new feelings. It’s natural and normal to feel excited, especially about mommy. I check and make sure that you’re healthy down there, and then I teach Continue to download »

Lola Lynn – Mom jerk off instructions perverted family MILF fun

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Melanie Hicks – Momma’s Boy

Scene One – Son attacked me in the kitchen
Wearing her bathrobe Melanie loads the dishwasher when her son Alex asks for some cereal. He reaches around her to grab a spoon and rubs his penis against her ass. With his arm he brushes across her large breasts. Melanie yells at Continue to download »

It can happen so fast when its your first time

It happened so fast and yet… we didn’t see it coming. I didn’t. My son couldn’t have. It started so innocently… In fact, it started as a horrible afternoon, a dreaded conversation with his teacher at school, trying to explain to my son that he must be careful what he says to his friends, that he can’t talk about his feelings for me – about us – that way. He was being so naughty… but then, I just felt so bad! After the lecture, after seeing his little face so Continue to download »