Paintedrose – No Peeking Grandmas Panties

Femdom POV, GILF, MILF, Taboo, Virtual Sex

It’s just you and your smoking hot young Grandma tonight and she just got in from work and begins to change. She has you turn around – no peeking young man. You didn’t peek did you? After you beat her in 3 games of hangman, she asks you if you like girls and if you masturbate. Step-Grandma gives you some great advice on girls! The next thing you know, Grandma tells you she likes your DP (Dick Print) Where did Granny hear that term!?! You don’t care because she is a hip Grandma and very cool for an old lady. Just then, Grandma asks you to show her how you jerk off, you’re already hard as a rock so you take it out and start stroking…Grandma think you need a hand and a mouth. She tells you she’s a girl too while she blows your cock. Fuck – do you think your parents will come up and see grandma’s head bobbing on your cock? Grandma tells you to keep it down and a to keep it a secret. She shows you her big rack and wraps her titties around your dick and spits on it and begins giving you a Titjob next. You want inside Grandma and she asks if you want to see her granny pussy? She shows you her ass and tells you to fuck her doggy style! Grandma fucks you on top and then begs you for a creampie. She loves you her big boy Grandson and your wet cumload. Shhhh.. Our secret sweety.

Duration: 0:24:34 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2.09 GB

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