Parker Swayze – Mommy And Me

Scene One: Hard ride home
What we have is something very different and other people don’t understand. Don’t tell anyone Your mom tells you after picking you up from school. After snacks you are going to have some special time between mommie and you. She tells you that your going to be home schooled and spend more time together.

Her robe falls open slightly as she talks and you look at her large breasts. Is that better She asks opening up her robe all the way. She pulls open her robe and you see her pussy. With a big smile she reaches down and touches you. You can’t describe the feelings as she softly rubs her hands on you. She rubs you until your over come with feeling and shoot white liquid out of your penis. Mom cleans you up and asks if you feel better. That’s my good boy She tells you.

Scene Two: Watching Mommie
Being home for the first time you spy on your mom as she does her daily routine. First she takes a shower with the door open and you spy on her. Then she works out, and as you watch her stretch her tight body she takes off her top. Later in the day you see her reading on the couch dressed in a tank top and panties.

Scene Three: Raging Hormones
She calls you over and asks if your feeling pressure down there. Maybe I can release that She tells you. She pulls down her top and takes out your penis. Slowly, lovingly she puts you in her mouth. Taking off the rest of her clothes she sucks you until you release in her mouth. Is that better? She asks smiling with cum on her lips.

Scene Four: Loading Mommy’s dishwasher
I want another man in the house, and the only way to get one is for mommie to have a baby She tells you. She’s going to show you how to get her pregnant. Dressed in a sexy red nighty she strips for you making your penis hard. Now get on the bed and mommie is going to get you ready She says.

She puts you in her mouth again and gives you that wonderful feeling. With your penis hard and wet she slides you inside her. Her face is one of pure bliss as she feels her son thrust into her. With gasping breaths she says Give it all to mommie, let mommie have your baby As you explode inside of her. Good boy, what a mess you’ve made She smiles.


Download file – 600.0 MB (part 1)
Download file – 474.2 MB (part 2)

Download file – 600.0 MB (part 1)
Download file – 474.2 MB (part 2)