Penny Barber – 21st Birthday Video from Mom

I miss you so much since you moved out. I was really excited for your 21st birthday, but I spoiled you so much at Christmas that I really didn’t know what to get you. I thought, should I take him out for a drink? (Your first drink, right, good boy?) No, he probably wants to do that with his friends. Then I thought, well, what’s something that only I can give him? Maybe I should make a little video showing him what a big cock his mother can take! I lube myself up with baby oil, taking special care with my big DD tits, and lower my pussy onto that huge, 10” dick. I cum with the huge cock deep inside of me, then spread my lips to show you my freshly orgasmed, oiled-up cunt. See how happy it would make Mommy’s pussy to have you back home?

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