Penny Barber – Making Mom Wear Sexy Lingerie

I need to borrow some clothes after a little kitchen mishap ruins my dress but we seem to have very different ideas on what is appropriate for your own mom to wear in front of you. First, you won’t even turn around so I can have some privacy when I take off my dress, even after the embarrassing admission that I’m not wearing a bra, then all you give me to cover up with is a red babydoll that is completely transparent. I know you can see my nipples perfectly with this thing on. When I ask for something different you just make me try on sluttier and more revealing items. For some reason the only clothes your ex-girlfriend left behind were her sexiest pieces of lingerie. I actually end up getting even more naked than I started out because some of the items are so skimpy I had to remove my stockings and panties to even get them on. It is almost like you want your mom’s big tits, round ass and bare pussy to be on display for you.

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