Penny Barber – Mommie Exploits Your Panty Fetish

On a whim, I decided to check your browser history and it seems that Mommie raised a little panty fetishist. But I started thinking and instead of finding your humiliating secret, I think that I may have found a means of motivating and controlling you. How strong is your panty fetish anyway? What if it’s your M0m wearing them? What if I just take off my robe, stand up, turn around, and show you my pretty, pink lace panties? Oh my. Are you trembling? I try on 5 different pairs of panties until I find the best ones for controlling and motivating you. From satin bikini cut to polka dot thongs, I make you watch as I try on all these different panties so that I can measure your reactions (i.e. stroke speed) and turn you into my devoted little panty worshipper. Now, come give Mommie’s panties a nice, long lick. I make you put on a pair of my panties and watch me masturbate before you tribute my panties with your cum as we simultaneously orgasm.

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