Penny Barber – Mommies Oral Fixation

Why are you looking at me like that? Does it really bother you when I have a cigar? It isn’t like I’m smoking cigarettes. Look, I just need something to suck on. You know, I used to…never mind. I said never mind! Well, I shouldn’t tell you, but I used to…suck your dad’s cock a lot. I used to to it every day, but now that I don’t do that anymore, I like to have a cigar every now and then. So, I suppose if you really wanted me to stop…you would let me suck YOUR cock. If it really is important to you that Mommy stop sucking on this cigar, you’re going to have to open your pants, take out your penis, and let me suck it until you cum. If you just relax, you might even like it!

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