Penny Barber – Mommy Motivates You to Work Out

Ready to work out with Mommy? You promised to be my workout buddy! We were going to post pics and eat right. Don’t you want to get all ripped for the new year? Of course I think that you’re very attractive already, but aren’t there one or two girls at your school that you want to impress? You don’t want to just sit inside playing video games and on your phone all day, do you? I slide my hands over my body, showing off my curvaceous ass in my leggings. I invite you to put your face right against them and see if that makes you feel like working up a sweat with me. My ass is just so full and round! I’m sure that you love it when I jiggle and shake it in your face. They’re tight against my pussy, too. I show you how little my leggings conceal before I start teasing you with my sports bra, too. I went out and got it just for working out with you. I thought I might get hot and take my top off. I flash you my pink sports bra, pulling off my shirt and showing you my cleavage. There’s nothing under my leggings but my bare pussy. I show you that, too! I’m so horny to convince you to come work out with me that I start grinding on the floor. If we do hit the gym, you’re going to have nothing but my thinly clad pussy and ass in your face. I’m not dressing like this to be slutty, though. I just don’t want my tits bouncing everywhere. See what happens when Mommy pulls her sports bra up and bounces up and down? My breasts are just so big and heavy! Maybe you would like to start picking out my workout outfits. You’re so stubborn, but I’m sure there are other ways to motivate you to work out. I want you to look at my tits while I say this so that you’ll know that I’m serious: What if Mommy sucks your cock after every single workout? Of course until you come! This is just how Mommies motivate their sons just ask your friends, especially the more successful ones. After you meet your goal, I’ll even let you fuck my pussy. And if you keep that goad for a year, you get to fuck the grand prize: your Mom’s voluptuous ass. I’m so horny thinking about having my son’s dick in my mouth, knowing that you’ve been looking at me. I just have to suck your cock right now. I want to prove to you that I’ll really do it. I can see that you’ve been hard the whole time that I’ve been teasing you. Are you glad that I can see your hard cock? Does it help that you can’t deny how turned on you are? Now take your cock out and come here. I take my sports bra all the way off and, wearing only my slutty leggings, I suck and stroke your big, pretty dick until you explode in my mouth, giving us both what we really want: your hot cum down my throat. Guess that can count as my protein shake?

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