Penny Hume – Mom Provides The Girlfriend Experience To Lonely Son

Honey, I heard what happened… your crush Suzy turned you down when you asked her to the prom. I’m so sorry… I feel so bad for my baby boy. I don’t know what she’s thinking! You are smart, handsome, and funny, and any girl should feel lucky to be with you! I know if I were your age, and weren’t your Mother, I’d definitely date you… I might even let you feel me up in the back of your car, heehee! Oh, forget about her, sweetie! She’s nothing special anyway. Oh I know you’re lonely. I know you want nothing more than to feel what it’s like to have a loving girlfriend, to kiss and to cuddle, to do naughty things with. Some day you’ll meet a very special girl who makes you feel wonderful…

Hey, until then… why don’t I show you what’s it like? Come on honey, it’ll be fun! I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend for the day! We can cuddle on the bed and watch a movie together… doesn’t that sound nice? Heehee… so when are you gonna make the first move? Mmm… yes son, kiss me… let me taste that tongue. Mmmm… oh god, Son, you are making me so wet… God, if I weren’t your Mother, the things I would let you do to me… oh fuck it son, let me be the one to take your virginity! Let me be your first! Please??? I’ll make you feel so good, and make you cum sooo hard…


Download file – 230.1 MB
Download file – 230.1 MB