Penny Loren – If You Weren’t My Son I’d Marry You

You have been in a Taboo sexual relationship with your Mom for as long as you can remember, its just normal life for you both. You spend all your time together and are so close it hurts. Dad is always away on business but books hotels, holidays etc for you both unaware what is going on right underneath his nose. On this particular weekend its Moms birthday and you spend the night at a country hotel, Mom is so happy and you crack open the Champagne as soon as you get to the room. The bubbles go straight to Moms head and its not long before she is giving you one of her amazing blowjobs with the Champagne until you cum all in her beautiful mouth. Your Mom is hot as fuck, turns you on with her loving dirty talk and you can do whatever you want to her whenever you want, you think of your Mom as your girlfriend and vice versa. You have a beautiful roll top bath in your room and you both have a relaxing soak, you love Bathtime with Mommy, how it has changed from when you were really young! She gets more and more horny and you end up fingering, eating her pussy out and fucking her. You love her so much and you have the best sex with Mom, you know exactly what you both like. In the morning you cuddle and she tells you lovingly that she would marry you if you weren’t her son. You both are so in love and nothing will ever change that.

Duration: 0:30:33 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 4.3 GB

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