Penny Loren – Mommy Gets Bred By Your Bullies

Cuckolding, Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

You have been having a hard time lately at school, 3 boys are making your life hell. You have spoken to Mom about it a few times and she has re assured you she will put a stop to this as soon as she can. You arrive home and hear noises coming from the living room, she must have friends over. You are shocked to see her on the sofa, half naked fingering herself with your 3 bullies standing around her trousers round their ankles jerking their dicks. She tells you to sit down not caring one little bit her son has just walked into this debauchery, whats got into her she’s letting the boys do whatever they want with her! You have just got home in time to see your bullies piss in her mouth and all over her tits she confidently exclaims. She’s been very busy sucking all their big dicks off before you arrived and she has changed her mind about the bullying you need to stop being so pathetic as they are nice boys with even nicer dicks. You cant believe you are sat in your living room watching those nasty boys pee all over your mother but worse is yet to cum.. She wants to get bred right now to make a new son who isn’t a disappointment and you are going to watch all 3 dicks fuck her and cum inside her ovulating pussy. Which dick will get her pregnant? You darling can help out now, you can fuck Mommys pussy to push all the Bully boys cum deeper into her cervix but you have to wear a rubber to make sure your pathetic seed doesn’t impregnate her. You do exactly as Mommy says as you are a good boy.

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