Rachel Steele – Blackmailed and Dominated

I knew blowing these young men would come back to haunt me eventually. Remember when I was blowing that young stud and talking to my girlfriend at the same time? Well the stupid bitch had me on speaker phone and her son heard the whole thing! To make matters worse her son knows me, my son and the guy I blew. So guess who shows up at my door. I thought he came to see my son but instead he tells me he came to see me. He tells me he knows the whole story and if I don’t blow him too he is going to tell the PTA. What choice do I have? This isn’t the first time this little son a bitch has been with a women I can tell you that. He makes me drop my top and show him my tits. Then he makes me play with my tits while he plays with them. Then he tells me to pull out his cock. I must admit it was a nice hard one. He makes me bare my pussy and play with it in front of him. After that he makes me jerk off his cock with my feet, the horny little bastard. He stuffs his long bony finger so far up my pussy I think he must have felt my tonsils. This guy knows exactly where my G spot is and sends me through the roof. After he gets me off he makes me get on my knees on the floor and suck his dick. He doesn’t want any ordinary blowjob; he wants me to deepthroat his cock on every stroke. I could not breathe. I figured I was in for another facial but he had other things in mind. He grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock all the way to the back of my throat and must have shot a 1/2 gallon of cum right into my stomach. I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day. I know he will be back. Bet on it.

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