Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – MILF1087 – Sexy Sisters Retreat

Rachel and her sister Stacie were a pair of wild and wealthy cougars with an irresistible craving for young cock. Many years ago they had had a constant supply of it when running a special retreat to help sensitive young men overcome their hangups. At first their work had been innocent – mainly confidential talks and outdoor activities. But when the horny siblings realized that sexual frustration was the real cause of their client’s troubles, they eagerly set about providing the appropriate “cure”. What followed was a blissful period of never-ending stud-fucking for the two MILFs. It seemed to them that they were in heaven. They were making plenty of money, their young men were leaving happy and confident, and they themselves were getting all the great sex they could wish for. But then the dream ended. A powerful local prude got wind of their antics and forced Rachel and Stacie to close their retreat. Over the next few years, the two sisters found it hard to settle for the relative lack of young-man-action in their lives. Then they finally got a break. One day, while sitting at home and battling boredom, they received a phone call from a woman who had found one of their old ads. Rachel was taken by surprise, but she decided to humor the conversation. It turned out that the woman was concerned about her son, Brad. She felt he was too laid back about his future and wished to send him to Rachel and Stacie…

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