Raven x – Mommy Needs Your Seed

Something woke you up in the middle of the night. It was your mommy. She was wearing only underwear. You’ve never seen her wearing anything like this before. It was see trough. But you were too sleepy and confused to think about it. She says she needs to talk to you about something important. She wants another baby. Daddy and her were trying for a while now, but it didn’t work. She is sure it’s daddys’ fault. He is too old, so mommy needs fresh seed. Someone who could give her another baby, just like you, beautiful, smart and kind. So she came up with the idea. You could give her your seed, and the baby will be just like you. And it has to be tonight. Mommy is ovulating, so it’s a perfect timing. You don’t need to worry or think about anything. Just let mommy do all the work, and in the morning, you can just pretend nothing happened. Mommy pulls your pajama down and starts stroking you. Her hands are soft and warm. She pulls her bra down, her breasts are big and round. You’re really enjoying the way she’s stroking you, a bit too much, mommy is worried you’ll finish on her hands, so she pulls her panties to the side and she lets your hard cock slide into her wet pussy. She is riding you, her big breasts are bouncing up and down above your face. She is moaning and asking you to cum for her, to give her your seed. So you did. You filled mommy’s pussy with your seed. She lay down on the bed beside you, with her legs in the air. She says that will help your seed get to her stomach. She is smiling and rubbing her belly… I’m sure soon i’ll have a baby in my belly, our little baby, she said.

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