Raven_X – There Is No Love Like a Mothers Love

Just like every day, mommy came to check how you day was.Not that good actually, but you don’t feel like talking about it.I can tell something is going on baby, you know you can tell me everything, i will always be on your side,no matter what happened and what you did…You tell her it’s about the girl you like..Mommys’ face changed, she seemed upset,almost jealous…You told her how you asked the girl out on a date,but she laughed at you..Not only that,she told all of her girl friends and they teased you all day in school…Mommy seemed relieved, she was almost smiling…Baby,there is nothing to be sad and upset about,i don’t even know why you need other girls when you have me.You know they could never care for you or love you like i do.Am i not giving you everything you need?What is it that you want,tell me,you know i’ll do everything to make you happy…She moved closer and started kissing your forehead,your face,your lips..You’re my perfect little boy,she said,and those little bitches don’t deserve you anyway…She was rubbing your thighs,and that felt good,you needed that..She was leaning forward,you could see down her sweater,her big round boobs were right in front of you…That got you hard…Mommy noticed,so she sat on you,she was moving her hips,rubbing her self against you…That felt good…She unbuttoned your pants..Let mommy take care of you,she said..She took it in her mouth,her lips felt so good down there…Baby put your hands under mommys’ dress,feel how wet mommy is between her legs…Then she took her panties off…She was breathing fast and moaning as you were sliding in and out of her..She placed your hands on her breasts..We will always be together baby, you don’t need anyone else,she whispered,and you were ready to cum.

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