Reagan Foxx – Instructing My Stepson On How To Make Me Cum

I need to talk to you. I found your phone, but as I was scrolling through it I found a shitload of porn on it. Its OK. Do not be upset! Everyone does it, even me your stepmom. What concerned me was the amount of stepmom porn I came across. Do you think I am a hot mom? Do you fantasize about me when you watch that porn? I certainly fantasize about you all the time. Do you want to touch my large breasts? You can even put your mouth on them. Suck them, lick them, squeeze them, whatever you want. Are you looking at my panties now? Have you ever touched a girl? Maybe I can be your first. How about you touch yourself first while I watch and tell you what to do. You have the hottest cock I have ever seen. Take your hand and start to stroke it nice and slow. I want to see the tip of it swell up. Here, come get a closer look at my pussy. Just rub your finger up and down it slowly. I love your technique. I can see the precum coming out of your cock. That really turns me on. Watch me rub my little clit. It is practically dripping wet. I need your cock in my pussy, but for now I just want you to imagine it. I really love to watch you while I get off. I hope you learn what I like from this. When you do get to fuck me you will have to put it to use. Do you see my whole body shaking and convulsing? That means I just came. And it was all because of you.

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