RheaSweet – Mommy’s Lingerie

I’m getting ready for my date tonight. I have a couple new lingerie items I want to wear under my dress. My son is so helpful for his mommy. He agrees to help me pick out the perfect piece for tonight. I slip into the bathroom to change. The door is slightly open, and he can see his mommy’s body as she changes into her lingerie pieces. I try on all five pieces of lingerie for my sweet son’s opinion. He helps me decide on the perfect piece. Oh, I can see he’s getting a little excited watching Mommy change in and out of all these revealing items. I can’t leave him like this before my date. I tell him to pull his cock out for Mommy. I help him stroke his cock, then I guide my son to the bed. I tell him to stroke his cock for Mommy. He’s getting so hard, I ask him if he would like Mommy’s mouth on his cock. Yeah? That’s a good son. I wrap my mouth around my son’s cock. I let him know it’s okay to cum on Mommy’s face. Such a good son. Hmmm, I think it would be a good idea if my son was inside of me before I go on my date. I tell my son that I think he should be inside Mommy and cum in me before I go on my date. What a good idea to have his cum inside me all night. I climb on top of my son. I can tell he has wanted to be inside Mommy for a long time. He’s very excited, and I have to tell him to slow down and not cum too fast. It feels so good to be on top of him, and I can’t help but to cum on my son. We cum at the same time. He cums so much in his Mommy, it’s dripping out of me. I can’t wait to have my son’s cum in me all night while I’m on my date.

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