RheaSweet – Whatever Son Wants

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I’m watering the plants when I hear a noise that sounds familiar coming from behind me. I feel something wet hit my arm. As I turn around, I see that my son is just cumming on me! He shoots his cum al over my face and tits. I tell him that he can’t just walk up to me anytime and cum on me! He knows that if he needs Mommy to take care of him, he just needs to ask. Otherwise, Mommy doesn’t appreciate being cum on like that with no warning. What if his father just walked in and saw this? He says he understands. I go get cleaned up before his father comes in so I can continue my day. The next day, I’m getting ready for a night out with my husband. As I’m doing my makeup in the vanity, my son walks up looking uncomfortable. He says he needs me to take care of him. Oh I can tell he’s getting a little jealous thinking about Mommy out all night without him. Well, his father is busy watching the game, so we should have enough time with him distracted to take care of my son. I pull his hard cock out, knowing that he wants Mommy’s mouth on it. I get my son’s cock nice and wet with my mouth, getting him closer and closer to cumming for me. Then he says he wants more. He wants to be inside Mommy. Well, if that’s what my son wants, that’s what Mommy will give him. I sit down on my stool and lean against the wall. I guide my son’s cock into Mommy’s wet pussy. He loves being inside of me, and the way he fucks me is going to make me cum already. He’s so close to cumming soon, and I tell him to cum with me. He unloads his cum deep in Mommy’s pussy. Mmm… I love the feeling of my son’s cum filling me up. As his cum starts to drip out of me, I let him take a look as I push his cum back up inside of me. I don’t want to waste any of it. I want him to think about being inside of me all night as I’m out with his father. The next day I’m folding the laundry, and my son has that look on his face again. He says he needs me to take care of him again. Already, so soon? Okay, but he has to be a good boy and let me finish folding the laundry first. He agrees. As I’m folding laundry, he moves around behind me. I know what he’s doing. He just wants to get a good look at Mommy’s ass while I’m busy. Such a silly boy. That’s fine, I’ll let him have a good look. There, now that I’m done folding laundry, I’ll take care of my good boy. I get on my hands and knees on the bed and pull his cock out. He is so hard for Mommy all over again, and I can tell it is not going to take long for him to cum. That’s good. I tell him to cum for Mommy, cum in Mommy’s mouth. He lets loose and fills up Mommy’s mouth with his cum. There is so much, and it drips out of my mouth down all over his cock. Mmm such a good boy for Mommy. Okay, does he feel better now? What, he wants more? He’s still hard, and he says he wants to fuck me again. I can’t say no to my son, and he already fucks me so much better than his father. So I turn around, giving my son a nice view of my pussy and ass. I put my hand around his still rock hard cock and slide it into my soaking wet pussy. God it’s so big, it’s still stretching me. I tell him how good it feels to push that cum covered cock deep into Mommy’s pussy. My son’s cock feels so good that I start to lose control as he fucks me so hard from behind. He’s getting close to cumming, and I ask him where he wants to cum. My good boy wants to be naughty. He wants to cum all over Mommy’s asshole. That’s so hot… I keep telling him to cum on Mommy’s asshole until he finally pulls out his cock and shoots cum over and over all over my soaked asshole. His cum has soaked my backside, and it feels so good to rub it into my pussy, pushing some of it into my ass as well. See, this is what happens when he is a good boy and remembers to ask Mommy when he needs to be taken care of.

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