Rose Black – Mommy’s Treat Box

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Upskirt, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Your mother is too short to do hard to reach house chores alone. This year you’ve been tasked with helping her decorate the house for the Halloween party but time is running short. As she hangs ornaments and spooky decorations, you get a direct view up her Halloween micro-skirt. You’ve waited until the last minute to help hang the decorations in the guest bedroom so your mother is already dressed up to prepare for guests to start arriving. It’s like she doesn’t even notice how sexy that mini skirt is. It lifts up as she reaches up the step ladder and flashes off the g-string thong underneath. It’s so wrong, but you reach to finger your mother’s pussy anyways. You’ve been staring at her upskirt for long enough that it’s made you painfully aroused. You snatch off the tiny scrap and dive in mouth first for a lick of her unprotected pussy. She knows it’s wrong but moans against your tongue and thrusts in time with you. You shouldn’t be attracted to your mother this way but she tastes amazing and wants your cock so badly even though she struggles with her sexual response to you. There’s still enough time before the Halloween party and your mother’s costume could easily hide anything amiss. Guests won’t be arriving for at least another 20 minutes and you could just lock the door for a minute before anyone noticed you were missing. This horrifyingly taboo act is too much to resist as your mother pulls her thong aside and demands you fuck her. Your mother can’t hide how much she wants to break this taboo with you and lets loose like you’ve never seen before. She shouldn’t be enjoying fucking her son this much but she cums hard and encourages you to ejaculate on her hairy pussy. Mother rides you until you’re about to explode and then lays back and spreads her pussy under her slutty kitty costume. You both moan in pleasure when you squirt semen directly onto her pussy. Hopefully none of the guests have noticed you haven’t answered the door yet.

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