RosemarieLoves – Mommys Love Keep Your Eyes On Me Son

You need to get out of bed honey, Im sorry your girlfriend broke up with you but I cant have you laying in bed all day.. She’s gone and theres nothing you can do about it now come on get up.. Ugh how about If i help you??? how can I help you??well I can teach you how to keep her gaze, be less shy and keep her yours next time. Its all about not being shy and it starts off with eye contact. So if I help you will you get out of bed for me?? Good, now lets play a little game.. I play this with your father all the time, its a bit naughty but it will help I promise. ***Watch in pov mommy suck, lick and spit on your dick with passion. Lots of sloppy sounds. Mommy gives all her love through kissing and sucking your dick dry all while keeping eye contact with you and loving your cock. Very passionate cock sucking teaching you to appreciate mommy by watching and not turning away till you cum for me.

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