Roxy Cox – Stepmom/son impregnation

After trying for so long your horny stepmom finally gets pregnant with your dad’s baby. You come home to find her is a distressed state and when you ask her what’s wrong she tell you she’s lost the baby after only a couple of months. She does not want to tell your dad the truth & admits that sex with your dad hasn’t been good & that his cock didn’t really satisfy her needs, probably why it took her so long to get pregnant in the first place. She then suggests that you help her get out of this tricky situation by seducing you. Her plan is to have you knock her up with your young thick meaty cock and then she can lie and say its your dad’s baby all along. Pulling out those huge tits you simply can’t resist and your slutty stepmom knows your inexperienced but guides you all the way telling you how to jerk and letting you fuck her dirty mouth and fuck her tight wet slutty cunt until you fill her up with all your hot spunk and knock that dirty bitch up. She want’s your baby, sucking and gagging and on your cock, bent over playing with her cunt and telling you to slide that young meat deep inside her till you drain those big balls full of sperm and get your naughty stepmom pregnant. It’s going to be our dirty lil secret she claims and you wont have to lift a finger your dad will look after the baby all she wants is that creamy cum flowing into her wet fuckhole and put a baby in her belly. How can you refuse when all she keeps saying while your pounding her is give me all of your cum, fill me up, knock me up like a dirty slut.

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