Sadbaffoon – Mommy Rewards You With Her Mouth

You’ve been so busy lately, taking care of the house and doing school work. When you got home today, you found your mom laying down on the couch resting and she asked for you to sit down and chat for a minute. She wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve been and that she was worried she’d have to pay someone to come help out, but her amazing little boy! She said how she was so impressed and proud of you for becoming the man of the house. You’re all grown up now and doing so well. Mommy loves you so much and wants to give you a reward! She asked if you remembered what mommy did last time she was proud of you, you remember all of it. How she made you cum with her hands and how much you loved your mommy’s big tits. She said she wants to do something similar, but with her mouth. She asked if you have ever gotten a blowjob, you don’t even know what that means. Mommy said she’s going to be your first. You were really nervous but you know your mommy always takes care of you. She took her boobs out for you because she knows how much you like them, asked if you wanted to touch them. She started to put her mouth on your cock. It was so warm and wet. Your mom sucked on you while telling you how much she loves the way you taste and how proud of you she is. You explode in her mouth and she swallows every drop. Thanking you for being such a good boy.

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