Sara St Clair – Playing With My Moms Hot Friend

Having my moms best friend Sara stay with us while she goes through her divorce has already been awesome. the other day she was taking a shower she asked me to bring her a towel and i got a quick glimpse of her naked! then she had me come back in the bathroom and rub lotion on her back. this morning i walked into the kitchen and found Sara wearing a short sexy robe a drinking coffee. she said both my parents left for work so it was just us, we made some small talk and then Sara told me she was going to go take a bath. i was sitting in the couch a little while and thinking about her all wet and naked and before long i was jerking off. i lost track of time and as i was in mid stroke Sara called down the hallway, i grab a towel and through it over myself as she came around the corner. i was panicked and asked her what she needed, that’s when i noticed she was just wearing a short white bath towel and nothing else. Sara asked if i could rub her shoulders and before i could answer she sat down on the floor in front of me and lowered her towel! so now my moms hot friend was topless in front of me face the other way with her back pushing against my raging cock that was only covered by my towel. so natural i did what any young man would do, i used one hand to rub Sara’s shoulder and the other hand to stroke my cock! i thought i was gonna get away with Sara happened to look over her shoulder and caught me! i tried to apologize and started begging her if i could finish! i told her i was so sorry but she was just so beautiful and was teasing me so bad i couldn’t help myself. telling her i thought she was beautiful seemed to do the trick, she told me if i didn’t tell anyone then i could finish. i agreed and started jerking, she spun all the way around and exposed her completely naked body and she stated masturbating as well. before to long we were both cumming, i cant wait to see what else happens with my moms hot friend!

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