SashaCurves – Reluctant Mom Lets Son Fuck Her

MILF, POV Sex, Taboo, Barely Legal, Mommy Roleplay

You just got back home after your first term away at uni and Mommy’s so happy to see you! We’ve never been apart for this long before and I’ve missed you so much. I can tell you missed me too, the way you’re hugging and cuddling me right now… I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so affectionate. Honey, be careful, you’re grabbing my ass now too, this is getting inappropriate. If anyone saw us they’d think you’re my husband, not my son! Did you seriously just ask to see me naked? I’m your damn mother what are you talking about?! Yes, I know you’ve been a good boy for me… yes, I suppose you do deserve for me to treat you… OK fine, you know I just can’t say to you don’t you!

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