Satin Fun Taboo – Mommy Late night visit

Nights like this make you want to live with mother your whole life… Your father doesn’t give me what I need… his cock is ok…but it’s always the same thing…him on top of me and trying to fuck me but all I feel is the warm load he leaves in my pussy when he finishes…so sad, so boring…but thinking about you and how you want me and the things that turn you on about me…oh mmm now that is an exciting situation…

it’s such a morbid sexy thought…just thinking about it makes me so wet… and I know that you have been fantasising alot about me since you were in your early …all my satin panties started to get real messy during those years…but I knew it was just part of you growing up and feeling attracted to the woman closest to you, is the most natural thing to feel in those difficult years of any young man’s life growing up…But now all grown up, things haven’t changed much for the good…I found some satin nighties and panties you stole from me stashed under your bed the other night when I was cleaning your room…And it got me thinking that you still have a thing for mommy and my silky wear…wanna still be mommies little naughty boy, that still takes mums things?…Do you think about me when you smell them and use my silky lingerie around your cock to cum?… I love you so much son and you know you will always be my baby boy and all I want for you is to be happy and fulfil your most deepest desires and needs in life…who else than the woman that most loves you and nurtured you since you were a little boy?…I know you have had trouble with your girlfriends, but this is because you cant get over that what you really need is a woman just like mommy to fuck and treat you like her little boy while you suck on her breast and make you feel like the only man in her life… But that all ends tonight…your mothers here to give you what you need so that you can be happy again… now and whenever you want me to… just ask mommy.Mommy simply can’t resist the idea of your young hard cock not being taken care of like it should…every mother wants her boy to feel wanted and loved… so she wakes up in the middle of the night and goes quietly into your bedroom and sees you sleeping in your bed…so she goes under the blankets and makes her way up to your cock and slowly starts performing oral sex on her son…a hot satin incestuous blowjob scene takes place..just you and mom! She starts to play with your cock under the bed sheets, slowly licking and sucking your penis until you wake up…Oh jeez mom what are you doing?! … I can’t believe this!!…mom you shouldn’t…Ah ah please mom…Shut up son and relax its just me you mommy I’m here to make you feel better son…your cock is so nice and rock hard…so much better than your fathers…your mother just keeps jerking you off and sucking your now bigger than ever wet cock and teasing your balls and shaft with her silky nightgown…Do you like what I’m wearing son? does this satin nightgown turn you on?… Oh mom please let me fuck you and stick my cock inside of you…I want to cum in your pussy mommy… You see how much she loves you, that she teases you by letting you rub your cock on her wet pussy a little bit…not tonight son..maybe another night we can go all the way I promise..for now just relax and have fun, let mommy give you pleasure…
Do you feel better my baby?….cum for mommy…Cum wherever you like…mmmm my son give mommy your cum….give me all your cum…Can I cum in your mouth too mommy?…yes my son whatever makes you happier… Lots of sexual incestuous dialogue in between mother and son


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