Satinfun Taboo – Incestuous massage for mother

Mother asks son if he could help her to relieve some back pains. satin fetish, cfnm, mammas boy, taboo, handjob, blowjob, nightie, slip, latina

Mother asks her son if he could come to her room and give her a back massage…but when he agrees he finds his mother waiting for him on top of her satin covered bed just wearing a mini satin victoria secret nightie and a pair of silky thigh high stockings…”is that all you’re going to wear while I massage you mom?”…”you dont mind do you?” replies his mother with hidden intentions in the tone of her voice… The son is still a virgin and has never seen a woman pose in such a sexual way in person and knowing its his mother teasing him makes the situation so much more taboo and exiting to him…he slowly and nervously starts to massage her back slipping his strongs fingers and hands across her exposed back and at the same time sneaking a few gentel soft touches around her smooth satin covered thighs and bum…he gets so aroused by doing this that he pulls out his cock and touches himself while he touches his mother… this only leads to an incestuous situation where both mother and son let go to their most taboo fantasies with each other leading to an amazing taboo sexual encounter. OH SON! MOM I KNOW WE SHOULDN’T BUT…I REALLY WANT TO FUCK YOU MOM? (lots of verbal dirty incestuous comments towards mother and how she loves her son and that he must fuck mommy and if he wants to cum on mommies satin lingerie?..-Cum for mommy!) Teasing, satin masturbation, handjob, blowjob, pussy licking/eating, groping, humping, taboo talk, doggystyle fucking, sweet tender sex, cfnm, fetish talk and cum on clothes.


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