Saylor Luna – College Sister Teaches Little Brother Sex Ed

So my parent are out of town and my collage sister is home on a break, i love my big sis and i was supper excited to her. we chatted for a little why but then i left for the gym, half way there i realized i forgot something and turned around. when i got home i was walking through the house and i saw my sister sun tanning NAKED! so naturally i did what any young boy would, i jerked off while i watched her. once i was finished i left and went to the gym thinking she never saw me. the next day i decided to relax in mom and dads bit comfy and jerk off some more, why not right? when i was really getting into like getting close to busting a nut my sister barged into the room, and yelled at me. i freaked and cover my dick up, i started yelling back but she cut me off my saying she saw me jerking off while she was tanning. i said i was sorry and she told me if i was really sorry then i needed to jerk off in front of her since i was such a big perv i deserved to be humiliated. while i was stroking she started asking me questions like don’t i have a girlfriend i could jerk off to? i told her no, i didn’t have a girlfriend and actually mom and dad never even gave me the sex talk. her expression seem to lighten and her attitude started to change, she really just became nicer. she started saying how sweet and innocent i still was and then she told me i had a big thick meaty cock. she told me she would be my sex ed teacher, it wasn’t long after that before i blew my load and my sister cleaned me up!

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