Sexyblonde69xx – A Very Taboo Holiday W Mommy

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I told you today wasn’t the best day to come home, honey. You know I will be cleaning and getting ready for the Christmas party tonight. There’s really not anything you can do to help honestly. You can stick around and be the cookie taster if you want! haha. Really, everything is good. You just relax! You think I haven’t missed you while you’re not here?? Thats ridiculous!! Of course I have, I just keep myself busy, and mommy is a big girl now. Don’t worry about me! Do I remember when you used to get nightmares when you were younger? Of course I do! I felt so helpless, they were just horrible nightmares. Do you remember what mommy did to really help calm your nerves a few times? You do?? Yes, of course I do! It’s not something a mommy forgets doing with her precious boy for the first time. A mother never forgets…..I’m actually thinking about it all right now just like it was yesterday and I’m aching for your cock, son. The word that we all love very much is in here a few times.

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