Shannon Heels – The Babysitter Ep. 1

I’ve just flown over from the UK to CANADA just for a Nannying job. It’s something I do in the UK all the time, and I have quite a specific criteria… Boys ONLY and of a certain age. So I arrive at your house and say goodbye to your MUM while she’s listing out all the things I need to take care of. Once she’s gone I go straight up to your room to ‘freshen up’. Really… I am getting ready to FUCK. I’ve been SO HORNY the whole flight over here, I can’t wait any longer. You are SPYING on me getting ready. I change from a SKIMPY casual outfit and BOOTS, to FISHNETS, LEATHER SKIRT, WHITE SHIRT & RED HEELS. Whilst I’m getting ready my best mate from back home calls me. I tell her all about this BOY I’m taking care of and how cute he is. I tell her all about the BULGE I saw in his trousers when he first looked at me. She’s jealous of course… I promise next time I’ll bring her along. I’m all ready for a nice fresh COCK to fuck, when I notice you’ve been spying on me the whole time (I thought you would). I’m going to tell you a secret… In the UK, I FUCK all the boys I look after, like you. Have you ever had sex before? Would you like to try it? Have you ever been this close to a CUNT before? You sweet boy. Get on the bed, with your COCK out, and I’ll show you the ropes. I’ve never SUCKED a CANADIAN COCK before, you taste so good! Wow I am surprised you are lasting this long, most boys cum within a few seconds!! Now I’m going to wrap my CUNT around your COCK you good boy, let me TAKE YOUR DICK deep inside me. You feel so INCREDIBLE inside me! I can’t help but DROOL and let my TONGUE FLOP OUT. I turn around so you can see my ARSE BOUNCING up and down on your cock. Next I lie on my back and ask you to FUCK ME, push your dick deep inside me. I don’t care that I’m NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL, just push your cock in me and CUM INSIDE ME!! Wow… You came SO MUCH you good boy. Hehe. I’ll go make some dinner and then you ready for round 2?

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