SienaRose – Cuntvid-19

I’m your uptight, conservative mother and I arrive home early, explaining that all woman have been sent home for quarantine since the virus affects us in VERY BAD ways. I tell you how the other girls were behaving and show my disgust for them. A few days later I am doing some housework and I notice I’m not feeling well. I go to check my temperature and I’m sweating and getting chills. I tell you I’m going to lay down for a while. I find myself thinking extremely dirty thoughts and thinking about the slutty woman fingering each other. I start touching myself and I’m watching girl on girl porn and I must have been too loud because you just walked in to see what was going on. You must be extremely confused and turned on by what you are seeing. I protest and tell you that you shouldn’t see me this way but my body is telling you different. I flaunt myself for you and talk dirty to you, telling you how much mommy wants your cock. I tell you that I will do anything for you, I want you to feel good, son. You ask me to put on high heels, my sluttiest red pumps are appropriate for a virus-driven sex hungry MILF. My appearance grows more slutty and my makeup darkens as I’m overcome by the virus. You can no longer take me tempting you and you let me ride you. You fuck me in several POV positions and give me a hot creampie, but it’s not enough – I want more and I can’t get enough!

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