Sloansmoans – Meet Your New Mommy

Watch as you and your mom come over to my place for a po*ol party. I’m your mom’s best friend and she’s told me everything about you and your mom’s “special relationship”. I don’t necessarily believe it all but then I walk into my room to grab something and I catch you standing there with a pair of my dirtiest panties in your face! Now I know that the stories are true. You are a little pervert! You go to leave but I block you in. I know all about your fetish for dominant women and now that you’re here alone with me I want you to jerk your cock as you sniff my panties. I start teasing you by showing off my sexy body in my bikini and I talk dirty about how you love sniffing my dirty panties. Your’e reluctant to keep stroking but I get the best of you. I then start teasing you more and tell you how I bet you want me to get my bikini all dirty for you too. I take off my bottoms and begin to masturbate and I rub them all over my pussy just for you. All the while I’m dominantly teasing and seducing you. I get them all nice and wet and tell you that you better keep stroking your hard cock for me. I take it even further by telling you to come over and start eating my pussy. You are hesitant and say fine but that’s as far as you’ll go. I laugh and tell you that we’ll see about that. You lick up my pussy and I know you love my flavor on your tongue. After a few minutes I take my bikini top off and rub it all over my asshole. I shove it up my ass several times and then drop it on the floor and I just know that you’re going to pick it up to sniff it all up. I tell you that after you’re done smelling my bikini I’m going to put it back on and wear it in front of your mom just to prove how much control I have over you. You try to leave again but I don’t let you. I get on my knees and grab your cock and shove it in my mouth. You try to fight back but it’s just a BJ… plus you don’t have a choice. You’re getting weaker and weaker for me. You bitterly enjoy my sucking and I tell you that I want more. I push you down and hop on your cock (POV cowgirl sex). You tell me you can only fuck your own mom and I laugh and say that I’m your new mommy now. I own you and you’re my good boy! I tell you that I’m going to use your cock for my pleasure and I cum twice. I tell you that I don’t care who can hear us because your new mommy doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. I then tell you that it’s your turn to fuck me. I lay back and spread my legs for you (missionary POV sex). You’re still resistant and you’re almost hate fucking me at this point but I just tease you about it. I tell you that I know you love your new mommy and that you’re going to cum deep inside me. You love your new mommy. I then tell you to cum for mommy, cum for new mommy, over and over again until you fill me up…

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