Sloansmoans – Mommys Intentions

Cumshots, Femdom, Mommy Roleplay, Sensual Domination, Taboo

You’ve always been close with mommy but things are changing. You’re intrigued by having friendships outside of your own home. When mommy finds out you were planning on going over to a GIRL’S house to hang out, a different side of her is unleashed… “There’s no way this can be happening. How dare my son attempt to abandon me for not only friends, but for a girl?? I can’t let that happen, I WON’T let that happen.” In this 3-scene clip, you’ll see mommy go from sweet to sinister as she seduces your body, even though your mind says no. Her manipulation derives from having full control and ownership over her son, disguised through love and affection. After mommy’s done with you, you will know no greater love…

Duration: 0:45:15 Resolution: 3840×2160 Format: mp4 Size: 4.34 GB

Download Sloansmoans - Mommys intentions.mp4

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