Sophia Sylvan – Home For the Holidays

At last, you’re home for the holidays, arriving quite late on Christmas Eve. Your sexy, curvaceous mother awaits you dressed in only a short satin robe and maribou heels. She missed you and she missed your cock too. She begins to undress, unwrapping the best of your presents. Soon your erection is springing to attention, and she asks you to undress too. Your mother teases you, flaunting her ripe, mature body, her strong legs, her round, full ass that you love more than any other. She peels down the straps of her satin slip, revealing her perennially perky breasts. She talks dirty to you, then taking her in her hand, which you adore, her grip confident and experienced as ever.

You’re rock hard with anticipation, and she tells you to sit down after your long drive. Your mother mounts you, her breasts bouncing up and down as she takes her pleasure in your cock. Then she lays under the tree for you to take control, spreading her pussy and touching herself, eager for you to enter. You fuck her and soon it is hard to hold back, so she flips over for your favourite position–doggystyle. It feels so taboo to fuck your own mother on all fours under the family tree, soon you feel like you’re about to lose control. She wants it, she needs it, and she asks for it. She wants your come deep inside her for Christmas this year, she wants to feel you coming in her as she comes on your cock…


Download file – 541.7 MB
Download file – 541.7 MB

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