Sophia Sylvan – Like a dream

Sophia Sylvan – Vile Habit – Like a dream
You and mom are staying at grandparent’s house for a visit and have to share a spare bedroom. We have to leave early so we settle in for a nap. I am sort of lecturing you on something but your mind, and your eye, are wandering, down past my silky robe to my inviting thighs, and further down to my seductively high heeled feet.

I lay down and start to doze, and you’re terribly distracted by views of your own mother’s body brazenly stretched out and vulnerable in sleep. Soon, perhaps you have fallen asleep, perhaps not, because suddenly your mother has turned into a wanton woman, rubbing herself and writhing, aching for your sweet young cock. She strips off her robe and gyrates her pussy, breasts and ass in your face, then gets nastier in her dirty talk and demands your cum, she is everything you ever dreamed an older woman would be- confident and horny as hell, sure of how to get what she wants out of you. You unload on your own mother’s face in an eruption of joy and shame, and then pass out, spent, in sleep. As you wake, it is as if nothing has happened, or has it? Was it a dream, or is that a hint of a satisfied smile on your sexy mother’s lips?


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