Sophia Sylvan – Mom’s Pinup Photoshoot

I call you in to my bedroom and to your surprise, I’m wearing a satin robe that is barely covering up some pinup lingerie. I explain that I wanted to you to see if I looked nice enough, as a photographer is coming soon. You see, it is a surprise for your father. I get up on my knees and strip off the robe to reveal a yellow satin vintage bra and lacy tap pants. You can’t believe your mother is going to pose for sexy photos and she’s showing you her mature body in lingerie! You start to feel awkward as you get a boner and try to cover it up, but mother notices everything. She tells you how dressing up like this makes her feel, and encourages you to release your boner and jerk off for her. She can’t stand her son repressing his sexuality! Your mother is so open-minded. You can’t help yourself as she tells you how much it turns her on to be watched, admired and jerked off to. She particularly adores arousing young cocks. She says you can spy from the closet while the photographer does his magic, she is even planning to seduce him and you can watch her get fucked. She pulls down her shorts to show her perfect round butt and sweet pussy and tells you to hurry up and come, he will be here soon!

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