Stacie Starr – Corrupting My Sisters Son

Stacie could not sleep so she wandered down the hall and peeked in her nephew’s room. He was masturbating, thinking about her and his mother sexually. He loved how they looked sitting next to each other on the couch and how Stacie flirted with her. Stacie walked right in on him telling him she saw what he was doing. He pleaded with her not to tell as his parents told him that was a bad thing to do to your body. Stacie saw his hard young cock poking up under the sheet and could not resist the temptation. She began to suck his cock like the pro she was. Timmy could not stop her. Stacie began to fantasize about Rachel and Timmy. She told Timmy to think about his mother while she sucked his cock. Timmy went right into his dream of his mother walking in and looking at his cock, then undressing to lay next to him and stroke, suck and approve. His fantasy was revealed. Stacie finished him up then snuck off to bed.

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