Sydney Harwin – A Rotten Taboo Family

Anal, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

You like to fuck your Sister because it helps distract you from wanting to fuck your Mom. Your Sister lets you take your frustration out on her and even fantasises WITH you whilst having sex, about what you’d do to your Mom if you could.. but your Sister is possessive and is jealous that who you REALLY want, would never.. COULD never want you back. Your Sister asks if you’d fuck her without protection if you promise to pull out.. she wants to feel every vein on your hard cock for the first time without a condom in between you, so you agree, but she feels so damn good bouncing her tight pussy up and down on your erection that you blow your load right up inside of her, even though she protests.. you didn’t MEAN to get your Sister pregnant.. but your Mommy dearest found the positive pregnancy test that your Sister failed to hide very well and has a thousand questions.. and you discover that your Mom has always known you’ve been visiting your Sisters bedroom for sex… why didn’t she stop the both of you? Why let it carry on? BUT your Mommy also found your Sisters secret diary where she’d detailed your fantasy about wanting to fuck your own Mother.. oh! She calls you a freak and your Mom makes it clear that she isn’t interested in getting into bed with her own Son.. that is until she SEE’S the size of your dick pressing against your pants and… well.. she just couldn’t resist. She doesn’t get any attention from your Father anymore and the temptation of her own Son wanting her so desperately turns her into this horny woman, begging for it in the pussy AND up the ass! After you’ve filled all your Moms holes and jerked off over her face and in her mouth, she uses your cum as lube and begs you to cum inside of her… and THAT is how you got your MOM PREGNANT, TOO! Months later, your Mom and Sister have big bellies and sex with your Mom is much easier now that Dad has walked out.. Your Mommy craves your cock more than ever now that she has the pregnancy horn.. but your Sister on the other hand is feeling pretty left out and will do ANYTHING to make you love her more than Mom.. so when your Mom tells you to take your Sisters anal virginity… your sweet little Sister can’t refuse.. even if it hurts.

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