Sydney Harwin – Family Therapy

You and your mother have had a rocky relationship for years and finally it comes down to this; A FAMILY THERAPY SESSION! You are both hesitant, but you realise that if you want to salvage your relationship you must attend this appointment with your mom. The therapist room is very informal. You both take off your shoes and there are no chairs, so you sit on the floor next to your mom when the session starts. The therapist gives your mom the floor to talk for a few moments, before he quickly comes to the conclusion that the ONLY way to repair your relationship is something he likes to call “Sensual Bonding.” Your mother asks what that entails, and the therapist tells you both that it involves some sexual elements, but mostly it’s all about the feeling you will both get when you start to touch each other innocently. Your mom is instructed to rest her hand on your knee and start to rub. Then you must touch your mom’s knee in return. The therapist then asks your mother to place her hand in between your legs, where she quickly feels a bulge in your trousers, which has become apparent to the therapist, too! But your mom isn’t angry or scared… in fact she is relieved that you are SO happy to be with her. The session then takes a quick turn and within moments your mom has your erection in her hand and is stroking you… the therapist tells your mom she must take off her panties and show you any cum stains in them, which she does, as apparently this helps with being open and honest with each other. The therapist then asks if you both would like to take things a step further by your mom allowing you to enter inside of her vagina. She is a little reluctant, but is mostly worried that you are against the idea. You tell her that you are VERY open to the idea and before you know it, you are having full sexual intercourse with your mother right in front of your perverted therapist, who sits in the corner watching. Your mom answers questions throughout, mainly on how this is all making her feel. She feels bonded with you, and any aggression you had between each other has vanished as you thrust deep in your mother.

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