Sydney Harwin – Impregnate Your Mom On Vacation

Your mom invited you on vacation with her and you’ve just got back to your shared room after a great night out. You are both a little tipsy and your mom is congratulating you on being the perfect son and stopping any creepy men from hitting on her tonight. She is stumbling about and suddenly she starts complaining that she is a sexually frustrated woman, who came on vacation to have a one night stand in the hopes of getting pregnant. She is sad that no men who are up to her high standards ever look at her, and she is just left with the perverts and idiots. She even shows off her panties, saying that the only man who will ever see them is her own son! Your mom is wonderful and you hate seeing her hurt. She is about to go to bed when you take her arm and hold her close. You try to kiss her, but she pulls away, shocked. You just want to make her feel good. You want your mom to get what she wants because she is the best mom in the world to you. You can’t see her go desperate to get pregnant and not help her out…

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