Sydney Harwin – Mommy Has To Go To Work

You have a special night planned with your Mom, but she gets a phone call from work asking her to go in urgently. She is upset that its kinda ruined the evening, but offers to get some porn up for you to watch before she leaves. You don’t want porn; you want your Mom, so ask her for a quickie, which she reluctantly (but happily) agrees to. You start to fuck her in missionary and it’s not long before her boss calls her back to remind her to bring some paperwork into the office. Mommy tries hard to bite her lip and stop moaning but she just can’t help it, you feel too good inside of her. You start to rub your Moms clit as she talks on the phone, working her up to a loud orgasm that she just can’t control. You really are a Devil, son.

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