TabithaXXX – Mommy Gets Naked And Sucks Off Son

I’m down on my knees looking for the cat under the bed when my Son comes in the room. I don’t notice him standing behind me at first. When I turn around and see him I ask for his help to find the cat. He doesn’t seem to want to help me and I notice he was staring at my ass, he had a huge boner under his shorts. I showed him my tits to see if he would help but he wanted to see more, so I stripped down naked and showed him my ass and Pussy and motioned him towards the bed. I took his huge hard cock in my hands and began my persuasion. I continued to stroke and suck his engorged cock, I think I’m getting through to him. We quickly forget about the cat As I’m sucking his Dick, He CUMs down my throat and almost gags me with his huge hot load. Mommy knows how to persuade her son for help. What will Mommy have to do next.

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