Taboo Fantasy – Daisy Destins Family Album Vol 2

Scene 1: Disciplined By Mommy
Mom finds Jason’s Report Card…hidden in his backpack….and she is furious to discover that he failed math!!! When Jason arrives home, Mom immediately confronts him. Mom and Dad even hired a math tutor for Jason…which makes it even more difficult for Mom to process!!! Jason has no explanation for his poor grade…so Mom decided he must be punished!! Mom orders Jason to take his pants off….put his penis between her thighs…and get across her lap for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking!! Mom wails away on Jason’s behind…and when he begs for the punishment to end…Mom tells him that she is going to sit on his face! Mom face sits her humiliated Son…first with her pants on…and then with her pants off!! “Lick Mommy’s ass!!!” she says, as she straddles him. When Mom finds out that Jason has a Date that night…she decides to make the punishment even more cruel….by fucking her Son’s brains out….and stealing all of his sperm!!!

Scene 2: Hot For Mom Syndrome
Daisy has to confront her young Son Jason about a very delicate matter. Lately, Daisy has noticed Jason masturbating to her!!! She knows that he is at an awkward age….with his hormones fuelling him…but, nonetheless….enough is enough….so she sits him down for a little talk. Daisy explains that, not only is his behaviour completely normal….it is actually a well know Syndrome. Daisy shows Jason the website….”Hot For Mom Syndrome”. Jason inquires about the cure for this Syndrome….and Mom explains that there is only one known cure….he must fuck the daylights out of her….to get it out of his system!! Jason is a little bit shy….and somewhat embarrassed….but Mom leads the way….and seduces her horny young Son!!! After some cock sucking….Mom gets Jason to mount her….and encourages him to “get it all out”!! In true Motherly fashion….Daisy masturbates her Son to a climax….and calls him a “very good boy….cumming like that for Mommy”. Hopefully this steamy fuck will cure the youngster of Hot For Mom Syndrome!!!

Scene 3: Stop Jerking-Off To Your Sister
Mom has to confront Jason about a “touchy” subject. He has been Jerking-off to his Sister repeatedly….and his Sister is sick of it. They say a Mom’s work is never done….and boy, oh boy….is that ever true….especially today!! Mom tells Jason how upset he is making his Sister….and that, since he is at an age, where he seems to have a boner all the time….Mom offers to step in, and let him “vent” on her….if he’ll promise to leave his Sister alone. Mom undoes Jason’s pants, and starts to suck on his cock….and Jason is VERY excited to be getting sucked off by his own Mother!!! Mom takes her own pants off, and lets her baby boy get a good lick of her pussy, before she lies down, and lets him get on top of her to get all his young energy out of his system!! Jason pounds away at his Mother until he covers Mom’s boobs with semen. Hopefully Mom’s efforts will give Jason’s Sister some peace!!!

Scene 4: The Mommy Experience
Mom’s date has cancelled on her…and she finds herself home with her Son Jason on a Friday night. While googling “activities for single Moms in Springfield”…..she accidentally stumbles across a very disturbing website!! Mom is horrified initially by what she is seeing on the site….and Jason is curious to see what is making his Mom react this way. Mom shows him the website….”The Mommy Experience” it’s called. The two of them look through the site with their jaws dropping!! Mom points out, however….that all the Moms and Sons on the site look…..”happy” lol The site shows very graphic pictures of Mothers and Sons screwing each other’s brains out!! Mom asks Jason if he would like to give it a try. Jason is a bit shy…but with some encouragement from his Mom…he agrees to give it a shot. Mom takes her dress of and lets Jason play with her big, beautiful, natural boobies. Then Mom tells him she’s going to but her mouth around his PP….Jason gets very excited as his Mom sucks on his cock. Then Jason really fucks his Mother hard….and eventually….after seeing it on the website….Jason asks his Mommy if he can cum in her mouth. Mom, of course, lets her bay boy do it…and WOW!!! What a mouth full of semen Mom gets from her own Son!!!

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