AimeeWavesXXX – Mommy Blackmails You to Fuck Her

I catch you spying on me. How can you spy on your mother like that? But I see how hard it got you, and I take pity on you and let you jerk off to me by giving you encouraging jerk off instructions, and even spread my ass nice and wide for you. You obviously liked it because it didn’t take you long at all. As you’re about to get dressed, I notice your phone and snatch it. WTF is this?! You were taking naked pictures of your mother?! I snap a quick picture of you, completely naked, as you’re trying to get dressed and blackmail you with it. I can either send it to your entire contact list…or….you can help mommy out like she helped you out. You get on your knees and lick your mom’s ass. Mmm, it feels so good for her, and even though you just came, your cock gets really hard again. But mommy would never let a boner go to waste. You get on the bed and mommy rides you until we both cum!

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AimeeWavesXXX – Cum With Mommy

Mommy notices your boner while you watch me rub oil all over my body. You get a little shy, but there’s no need to be shy around mommy. I make you feel comfortable by masturbating with you. It’s much more fun to masturbate with someone else anyways. You get a little glimpse of your mother’s rawness and dirtiness right as I’m about to cum, you’ve never seen me like that. You kind of hope you can see it again. And who knows, maybe you will…

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