Alana Cruise – Mom’s Needs

Part 1 – Rion’s Mom comes home from a night out a little.. stumbly. She starts to dance for him, telling him how she has needs and likes to have fun, and now she wants to have fun with her son.
Part 2 – Rion is eating breakfast and asks his mom if she remembers what happened the night before. She plays it off like she can’t remember a thing, but he insists on talking about it. He starts to get a little flirty with her, saying he remembers. Before they know it, they’re making out and having a continuation of their night before.

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Alana Cruise – Jerk off session with my girlfriends horny mom

You were looking for your girlfriend, but instead ran into her hot-to-trot MILFy mom. Alana asks how you have been. You feel a little weird, but you find yourself attracted to this older woman. She tells you that it sounds like you and her daughter have fun together. Then she tells you how hard the dating scene is for her. She is hitting on you pretty hard and you simply are unable to resist helping out this needy older lady. Can you show her your cock, please? You show her your cock and she is quite happy with what you have on offering today. Alana kicks off her shoes. Now that your dick is out, can she watch you masturbate? Your hand moves down to your nearly hard shaft and Alana starts stripping off her clothes. This is so very wrong, but it feels so good to you. Her body is in great shape and you wonder if she might ever want to fuck you. For now you continue jacking off for her as she happily shows off her body to you. She soon coaxes an orgasm out of you and she promises not to share your secret with anyone.

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Alana Cruise – Dominated By Her Son

Part 1 – Kyle is watching his mom in her bathroom getting pretty to go out. She doesn’t notice him there until she walks out of the bathroom and begins demanding answers from her. When he finds out she was planning on going out on a date, he gets really mad and begins to get a little physical with her. Pushing her up against the wall, he starts to reach up her skirt and touch her to assert his dominance until he gets his way.
Part 2 – Alana comes home from a long day at work and sits on the couch. Unknowingly, Kyle comes up behind her and scares her. He demands that she take off her clothes. When she says refuses, he shows her his dominate side again. He’s going to make sure his mom realizes she belongs to him now.

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Alana Cruise – I want to see you explode for me

Your professor stops by your house with your study guide because she knows you are not feeling well. You have not been attending classes regularly and she suspects that you might not really be sick. Her suspicion is that a good orgasm would make you feel better and you agree, so you take your dick out and begin to rub one out. It is hard for you to pay attention in class because Miss Cruise is so sexy. She lets you see her tits while you are stroking off. This is your dream come true, but it gets even better when she confesses that she thinks you are hot. Then she lets you look at her pussy and she has a bush. You love it. Finally she lets you see her pretty ass. It is such a nice ass and you would love to put your face between her cheeks. It is not much longer until she encourages you to release your semen for her. Are you feeling well enough now to attend class tomorrow?
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Alana Cruise – I could be getting laid

The only reason I am here tonight is as a favor to your mom. I think she is more protective than usual since she is only your step-mom. She tries to make the best decisions for you. Even though she is my sister, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to her conservative nature. I was supposed to be on a hot date tonight and most likely getting laid. I gave her my word I would stay here with you to make sure you didn’t have any wild parties. You’re in college, right? How about instead of inviting your friends over to party, we make our own fun tonight? It’s not like I’m your real aunt. I’m horny and I’m sure you are to.
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Alana Cruise – Cumming on MILF titties

Your mom’s friend is waiting for her and she is chatting you up. She asks you about how you like college and she suspects that you probably are very popular with the girls. Alana asks if you have ever been with an older woman before. You have not, but Alana would be a good place to start. She could teach you many things. Alana notices the growing bulge in your pants and she asks you to take your dick out for her. She likes what she sees and she wants you to get your dick totally hard. This MILF is practically salivating over you and she shows you her tits. Then she slides her panties to the side and you see her hairy bush. You rarely see bush on girls your age, but you really like her hairy pussy. Alana encourages you to stroke yourself as she continues to tease you before you cum all over her pretty MILF tits.
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