MissAlexaPearl – Confronting My Sons Bully

You’ve been bullying my son and iv’e had enough of it. You’ve come over and its time i put you in your place! Im trying to get through to you with an adult conversation but your not even paying attention. Seems the only thing on your mind by the looks of it is my big tits. When i confront you about it you say the only thing that will get you to stop the bullying is if i let you breastfeed from my breasts! Im in utter shock! How dare you even think to say such a thing! The thing is….I know your serious and are only gonna bully my poor son twice as hard if i don’t do what you want.

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Download MissAlexaPearl - Confronting My Sons Bully.mp4

Alexa Pearl – Taboo mom son fuck 3

I am your super horny mom. I have missed you! After your dad leaves I meet you up stairs and tease you a little and take your big cock doggy and then I ride you and cum several times. Multiple angles and positions. Dirty talk and lots of teasing!! This super naughty!

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Alexa Pearl – Taboo mom son fuck 2

I am back as the horny mom for a super naughty mom/ son fuck!! We pick up where we left off. I am so glad my son is home from college.. I ride him and we fuck doggy style until we both cum!! Cream pie finish!

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Alexa Pearl – Step mom joi plus dildo cum

I come home from buying new bras and panties. You are home alone on the couch. So i try each of them on in front of you knowing how much you like to watch me. I encourage you to stroke your cock for me and keep stroking until you cum on my pretty boobs. Them I am soo turned on and I have you watch me cum as i fuck myself with a fat dildo just like i like!! This was so much fun to make!!! It is my first JOI and its kind of gentle!

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Alexa Pearl – Taboo Mom Son Masturbate Fuck

My son catches me masturbating with my dildo, begins jerking his cock to me, I ask him to stop and tell him he shouldn’t be doing that in front of me. He doesn’t listen and keeps jerking his cock. I try to resist but I finally give in and start licking and stroking his huge cock.
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