Lady Fyre And Alexis Fawx – My Two Moms: Mothers Day Gift

Your two moms have spent the morning in their bedroom, and then they have a leisurely yoga session. You’re not sure why they’re being so sappy today, but you soon find out. When you walk into the living room, they remind you that it’s Mother’s Day. You definitely should’ve remembered that, but it’s not like your family is very traditional anyway. Mom Olivia suggests that you offer to them a gift they both want. She & Mom Alexis were talking about how it’s a good thing you didn’t cum inside her the last time you had sex at Christmas, but then they got to thinking about how expensive artificial insemination is. You could just cum inside her this time, and maybe she’ll get pregnant.

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Alexis Fawx – Crush on Stepmother

You have a crush on your stepmother. She is a complete blonde bombshell, and lately you’ve been spying on her all the time. When she’s undressing, you hide behind the door frame to her bedroom to watch her strip off her work clothes, her stockings, her panties. When she’s showering, you sneak peeks through the cracks in the bathroom door & watch the hot water splash off her perfect body. You even snuck into the bedroom while she & your father were having sex. She drives you crazy. Today after you saw her in the shower you couldn’t help but jerk off. She comes into the living room & catches you. You try to hide it, but she tells you not to hide. It’s natural for you to be turned on by her. She immediately takes off her robe & pulls off your underwear. She’s a good stepmom & she’s going to take care of you. Stepmom Alexis settles herself between your legs & starts sucking your cock to relieve all of your sexual tension. She’s clearly hungry for dick & hasn’t gotten enough, so rides you. “Do you like watching mommy’s tits bounce?” She seems to be full of sexual tension herself, the way she milks that cock. “Give it to your mommy,” she says between moans. Even when you cum inside her, she is sweet to you. “You couldn’t help it. Just don’t tell your father & this will be our little secret.”

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Lady Fyre, Alexis Fawx – My Two Moms Unwrapped

It’s Christmas morning & your two moms have a present for you. You can tell they’re a little nervous about it, and once they start explaining, you understand why. They’ve been discussing how you haven’t had a male influence growing up. They’ve encountered so many men in their lives who don’t know how to please a woman, and they don’t want you to turn out the same way, so they’ve decided that the best gift they can give you is their experience & knowledge. You’re reluctant at first, but you trust your mothers. Your mom Olivia begins with a tentative blowjob while your mom Alexis sucks on your balls. That, alone, is enough to send you over the edge, but it’s clear they have other plans. Mom Olivia rides your cock & she’s enjoying herself so much she almost forgets the lesson: the importance of the clit. Mom Alexis jumps in to rub her, and she has a powerful orgasm while riding. Lesson learned. Then Mom Alexis rides you reverse cowgirl & the view is amazing. They teach you about how it’s important for everyone to enjoy themselves. When Olivia gets on & begins that slow roll, you think you’re in heaven, and then your two moms start making out. This will surely push you over the edge. They seem to sense each time you’re about to bust & switch it up. It seems they could keep this up forever. But finally they tell you it’s your turn to cum. And cum you do… all over your mom’s body. This is a pretty spectacular Christmas gift.

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Alexis Fawx – Aunties cock stroking lesson

My aunt was staying with us for a few days, and she said my stepmom asked her to talk to me about “the birds and the bees.” I know this is bullshit because she has been giving me hugs and subtle leg rubs for a long time. She has been waiting for me to be legal so her old sexy slutty ass could pounce on my young hard cock. She is so fucking hot. I love her gigantic rack. I’ve jerked off to her so many times when she came over to use our pool. She said she was going to teach me how my cock works. I know how my cock works, but I told her I didn’t so I could get the full lesson. I love older women; I love how she showed me her huge titties and hard nipples. She pulled me out and stroked my cock with her pretty hands. Next thing I know she is completely naked jerking me off. She moved very quickly, stroking my cock hard and tight. She knew exactly how to make me cum, dumping my full hot load all over hands. I wonder if she will ever let me fuck her?

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Alexis Fawx – My Step Mom made me Jerk off

My stepmom caught me jerking off to Mommy porn instead of doing my homework. She’s so fucking hot! I watch her in the shower and jerk off while I listen to her and dad fucking all the time. I left my door cracked hoping she would catch me. She told me my dad doesn’t get her off anymore. I could tell she wanted to see my cock. She’s a very dirty Mommy. She made me lay down and pull my cock out. Then she spit in my hand and told me to keep jerking off. I’ve thought about this so long. Then she got naked pulling out her big fake tits my dad bought for her. Thanks Dad! She showed me her thick mom ass, pulled her panties off and wrapped them around my hard dick. Her stroking me with her soft mom hands, freshly manicured pretty nails and telling me she was going to milk me only made me harder and harder. Then with both hands she jerked, stroked and pulled my cock. Rubbing it on her hot huge titties, and jerking me hard she demanded I cum for her. I exploded all over her hands. I love my new mommy.

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Alexis Fawx – We are going to fix this problem

I may be over stepping my boundaries by telling you this but I do not approve of the little skank you are dating. She is the type to accidentally get pregnant just so she can trap a good guy like you into life long commitment. I don’t have time to be a grandma nor do I want to be a grandma so I have a solution to this potential problem. I want you to give me all of your cum so you have none to give her on your date tonight. That’s right, you are going to fuck your step mom silly so your balls are empty of that baby batter. I got myself fixed long ago so there is no chance in giving me your baby but you will give me every last drop of hot cum.

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Alexis Fawx – Rubbing one out for my best friend’s horny mom

Alexis had to ground her stepson, but you drove a long way to see him. Now what? Oh, Alexis has a little something in mind. She notes that you must be working out at college. She remembers her years at college as a slut. Good times. Now that she is married, though, her husband pays her little sexual attention. It has been a long time since Alexis has been properly cared for, but today is your lucky day. Will you show her your fat cock? There is no need to be shy with MILF Alexis. Just get that dick out and work it while she takes off her top and bra. Her fat tits make you rock hard as she smacks her titties together. Then she stands up and slides down her tight skirt. You are a little surprised to be jacking off with your best friend’s mom, but she is so sexy that you cannot help yourself. It takes little time for her to urge you to cum nice and hard all over her fat titties and you are actually kind of glad that she grounded her stepson.
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Alexis Fawx – All about MILF Alexis Fawx

Immediately it is obvious that MILF Alexis Fawx wants to devour you. She knows about your love for MILFs, but she wonders what specifically makes you love them so much. Alexis is certain that you love her big tits. She asks you to take out your cock so that she can watch you jerk off to her. You are already hard as a rock before she even takes off her clothing. She drops her bra and you finally get to see her fat titties. You want to reach out and play with those tits, but she asks that you keep your hand firmly on your shaft. Finally she unveils her MILF pussy and it looks as sweet as you thought it would. You can see the wetness inside of her lips and you wish you could plunge your dick deep inside of her warm hole – or maybe even ALL of her warm holes! Alexis wants you to cum all over her fat MILF titties and you rub out the biggest load you possibly can and shoot it on her big titties.
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Alexis Fawx – Don’t waste time with her

I don’t know why a good-looking guy like you is wasting time trying to make my daughter your girlfriend. You know shes a lesbian right? Its such a shame to see you come over here so often and be such a charmer to her when ultimately it will get you nowhere near her panties. Now on the other hand, I have all the time in the world with her dad being out of town so much. I am definitely not a lesbian. I also definitely will let you get near and inside my panties.
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Alexis Fawx, Parker Swayze – Alex Has Two Mommies

Alex!! What are you doing??? You are supposed to be in bed, baby. How many times have we told you not to spy on your Mommies? You know you’re only allowed to play with us we we say it’s okay… No babe he’s never going to learn if we keep letting him disobey us and then rewarding him… Alright, fine… C’mon honey you can get in the bed with us and play. But son, you really need to ask first next time…
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