Alexis Rain – Mommy Loves Me

“My Mommy loves me so much!!! I know she’s a really busy and important lady but Mommy always finds time to teach me new things and make me feel better. I have the best Mommy in the whole wide world!!! 4 hottest mother/son pov clips! Compilation includes full versions of “Mommy Will Teach You” “Son, Mommy Knows What You Want” “Son, I Can’t Get Pregnant'” and “Mom’s Bye Bye Blowjob”
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Family Therapy – Whore mothers used and abused

Watch these three terrible whore Mothers get fucked, jizzed on, and spanked by their out of control sons!
Includes full versions of:
“Mom, You’re Not Going Out Tonight” , “Mom, I’m Your New Boyfriend” and “Mom, I Know You’re Cheating”.
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Alexis Rain – Mom wants creampie for christmas

Alexis Playground – Mom wants creampie for christmas
I heard Mom stumble in very late from a Christmas party. I went out to check on her and she was totally wasted, sleeping on the couch. My Mom is such a slut sometimes. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I couldn’t help myself from touching her pussy and boobs. I could tell there was no waking her up so I decided to stick my cock in Mom, just for a second. She was still out, so I kept fucking her. I was only going to do it for a minute but my Mom’s pussy felt so good I couldn’t stop. I blew my load right inside her pussy.
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Alexis Rain – I want you all to myself mom

Alexis Playground – I want you all to myself mom
Mom calls her son over to talk to him. She tells him that Dad just had a vasectomy and that he can no longer cum inside of her. If she got pregnant, dad would know it was not his and leave her. The son protests saying he wants dad to leave anyway. Mom says she needs him for financial support and cannot risk him leaving her. The son says he will not use a condom, he does not even know how to put one on. He says he will not fuck Mom with it on.
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Alexis Rain – Dads at the pool. Mom fucks son while dad is right outside the door

Alexis Playground – Dads at the pool
Alexis comes into the house from sitting by the pool with her husband to find her son at the table on his laptop. She tells him she is annoyed with his Father for not noticing how hot she is anymore, he never compliments her or tells her how she looks. She asks her son if he finds her attractive and he says yes. She has him touch her beautiful ass and lets him touch her big tits.
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Alexis Rain – Audio frequency. Transformation. My mother followed every command

Alexis Playground – Audio frequency
The Holidays have been tough for the past few years. It’s just Mom and I now, but at least we’re here for each other. And we’ve grown very close… Last week we were decorating the Christmas tree and all of a sudden we kissed. I don’t know how it happened but my Mother and I started fooling around and then she stopped.
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Alexis Rain – Son talks in his sleep and mom starts to suck his cock as he is dreaming

Alexis Playground – Son talks in his sleep
Alexis comes into her son’s room to wake him up, but he is sleeping soundly. He starts to talk in his sleep. Apparently, he is dreaming about being in a strip club and the stripper wants to give him a private dance. Mom hears this and listens intently. Her son now talks in his sleep about the girl asking for more money and she will blow him.
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